Alley Walking II

Winter is dying a slow, slushy death here in Chicago, full of ugly wet snow and matte gray skies. While comparatively mild this year, winter does seem to drag on forever. It's a good time to go for a walk. 

Two recent articles ( 1, 2) brought my own fondness for walking into focus. The slow, rhythmic pace of travel allows the mind to both wander and focus. A lack of speed allows for close observation of the surroundings. Dense urban conditions allow for the majority of errands to be done on foot.

A collection of alley photos from the last week or two, mirroring a post from a year ago

Beautiful red garage, reminded me of the Rural Studio's Red Barn.

Still life with extinct technology.

Wheat paste graffiti, sans body.

Industrial orange.

Circles, squares, and rectangles.


This alley-facing address, with a very ordinary-looking deck structure, had been embellished with the address drilled into the structure, in Helvetica no less.


A curious garage -- the roof appears to rest entirely on a clerestory of glass block, and there was a roofed metal-mesh coop, presumably for pigeons.


Facade with tarps.

Geometrically pure marble table.

Wet pallet and dirty snow. A perfect picture of March in Chicago.

Primary sawhorse.

Spiral staircase with security wings at top.

Iceberg drift and trusty boots.

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